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Healing Through My Stories

 Author: Chi Chi Iro  Published: June 17, 2017  Pages: 272  Download

(Black & White)Everyone has a story and a journey,Telling a story is like healing a wound,You have to air it to heal it,If you cover it, it will delay the healing process.You have to know the right time to tell a Story.You have to get to a destination to share your experiences.You cannot stop to tell when in transition.I just got to a rest stop so I can share some.My healing process has begun.Born at a time when the Igbo culture had no understanding of disability. Born with cerebral Palsy, Chi Chi suffered untold discrimination and stigmatization but none of these stopped her from rising to become who she is today.She tells her stories in a captivating way, laced with truth and humorHer hope is that others may find the strength and lives to the fullest despite their challenges.

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