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Chi Chi Iro

Thank you everyone for being a part of our awareness for cerebral palsy. Living life with CP is different but doable.
To successfully live with Cerebral Palsy you have to plan ahead of time. Over time these plans become second nature and some what become your normal. That is also true of life in general. Planning helps eliminate anxiety. Uncontrolled anxiety makes spasticity worse. We plan to stay calm and control our muscles a bit better.
Today was one of these activity packed days. I planned out my day, taking several things into consideration. Part of my plans was an appointment with a coach. Though I am a coach myself but whenever I need to make changes, I find someone to hold me accountable. I have a few more pounds I want to lose. Getting a coach at this point, will keep me focused.
It gives me the opportunity to have another person, help me track my progress and that keeps me focused.
I knew, I would be weighed. I wanted to wear something lightweight. LOL! I did not need any heavy clothes, belittling the huge progress I have made.
#FarmRio leopard leggings to the rescue.
Also I will be using Uber to meet all my appointments. Hold on! There was no way, I was going to wear just the leggings and top around town.
So I put on one of my #FarmRio sweaters. This helped me feel safe and protected as I went about my business.
When I was getting on the scale to be weighed, I took off of my sweater and my shoes.
This is the planning that goes into my daily life. I prioritize them in this order.
Footwear is a huge part of that comfort. Great arch support especially when I am going out alone.
Today’s footwear is #Nike
Living with CP, you cannot take these things for granted.
How do you plan your days?
Do you even have to plan? Please share.
Be Enabled.

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