Chi Chi Iro


Love come let me whisper in your ears.

If you make me yours, I will treat you better than she does.

You are too fine to be with a woman like her,

Does she even appreciate what she has?

My love, look at her, she is fat and ugly she does not suit you.

She is old school you deserve someone young and vibrant like me.

If you put me in her place, I will treat you like a king.

Daily, I will make love to you, I will make you lose your mind in my embrace till you speak in the tongues of ecstasy.

My love, does she cook for you and put it on a table for the likes of King David?

You belong to that world my dear, You deserve nothing less.

Sweetheart does she call you the names I call you, names that make you feel like a giant?

Obim if you make me yours I will be better than her.

Does she massage your scalp with oil and whisper to you till you fall asleep?

Does she clip your nails and massage your feet?

She is not fit for you.

You told me all the wrong things she did, if you were telling me the truth, then send her away, let me occupy her position.

She is bad for you.

I will make you a happy man.


Do you know why he is not responding to your inquiries? She may not do these things the way you do but the things she does he cannot explain to you.

Though she has grown older and fatter, she represents safety for him. He wishes he met you earlier, but now it is too late to lose all this and take a chance.

She represents trust, he knows her and is sure she will not hurt him, you represent fun and carefreeness. Those may be too dangerous for an old man. Can he trust you? He looks into your eyes seeking the answers to his own questions. Can he trust you? He sighs he knows the answer, if he gives up what he has for this novelty, tomorrow you too will fail him and leave him with regrets.

He kind of, sort of likes old things. You are right he lied to you.


He cannot begin to give you the answers that you seek. For now, he will lay by your side and drink of your youth.

Can you give him the life he dreams about?

He knows the answer.

It is time to go home.

Suddenly he desires a taste of the old.

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