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Some weeks ago, one of the younger ladies I mentor was quite distraught. I tried repeatedly to reassure her but it was impossible. She was extremely beautiful, intelligent and had no visible disabilities.
As I worked on helping her believe in herself, I was shocked that none of the positive things I was saying to her, were registering.
Somewhere, somehow, some of the negative things she had heard had grown root and changed her image of herself.
At some point, I asked her if she could imagine, how someone like me, with visible disabilities can represent strength to many, that do not live with disabilities. Her answer was “You are very strong, I am not as strong as you are.”
I have not always been strong.
I had to acquire and master my source of strength.
What then is my source?
“My faith”
I understand that even with all my imperfections, I am wonderfully and fearfully made.
I am very aware of all of me.
I take you to the good, bad and ugly.
When I do that, I will take the power to hurt me, from you.
The lady that lives with Cerebral Palsy is my identity.
If I can embrace that identity, then I would have taken the power to define me, from you.
I no longer wish, people do not go there.
I take them there.
I wear my scars with pride.
I will take you there and educate you.
People living with Cerebral Palsy can have full lives.
If you do not know that yet, I will take you there.
What is it about, you that worries you? Do not let others beat you down.
Accept all of you and proudly take them there.Take back the power.
Be Enabled.

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