Chi Chi Iro

It is true I live with Cerebral Palsy,however I choose to live my life in full. My advocacy, comes from a very personal angle. I did not have a role model. I choose to be that role model,
Growing up in Nigeria at a time people living with Disabilities in Nigeria were stigmatized, I had dreams that were baseless to others.
Was I challenged? YES!!!
Did I have dreams? OH! YES!!!
On my lane, I followed my dreams.
Had I seen anyone that had my level of challenges do the things I desired?
Will others grant me the chance to do the things I desired,
I followed the dreams that I had at every waking moment and till today, I continue to follow.
With the Enabled Life Organization, I remain a role model to other dreamers.
All things are possible to those that believe.
March is our Cerebral Palsy Awareness month, let people with Cerebral Palsy dream.
Do you know anyone living with Cerebral Palsy ?
What do you think they desire?
We can support them to thrive.
Chi Chi Iro in #FARMRIO
We can live full lives with Cerebral Palsy.
Be Enabled!!!!

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