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It is still our month, we have two more days to continue create awareness for Cerebral Palsy. I want to start by apologizing for my absence. I lost someone very close to me and I had to take time out to process the huge loss.
Life always has to go on, no matter the circumstances. As long as we have dreams and aspirations, we have to keep moving forward.
Last week, I remembered when over 20 years ago, I had gone to consult with an Orthopedic Surgeon, that I hoped would have the fix to my Cerebral Palsy. LOL!!! ( I had not gotten the memo, that there was no fix at the time)
After the multiple X-RAYS, he once again confirmed that it was Cerebral Palsy but he instructed me, to get on a scooter or Wheelchair immediately or my legs will completely fail me.
As we left his office, I told my husband, I did not want to see that doctor again and I was willingly to keep walking till the day, the legs fail. When that day comes. I will be the cutest lady on a scooter.
I have always been prepared for that day, though I do my best to delay it,
What is my motivation?
Living life in color.
Smiling always.
Loving fiercely.
Believing always.
I keep re-inventing me.
I keep moving.
Finally, my red lipstick.
If I can share one thing with you today, it will be, to be prepared always. You may be waiting for the inevitable, but keep trying to improve you.
Can you believe, this beauty will be 56 in 3 months? I am truly blessed.
I wonder if that doctor is still in practice, I will like to go say thank you.
With this post, I hope, I have convinced you, that there can be a full life with Cerebral Palsy.
We can overcome any challenge.
Do not give up!!!
Be Enabled!!!

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