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Providing an enabeling environment for people living with challanges, especially cerebral palsy.

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About Us

The Enabled Life is a passionate and dedicated organization committed to promoting and enabling individuals with disabilities, particularly those with Cerebral Palsy, to embrace life’s challenges to the fullest. We believe that every person, regardless of their abilities, deserves equal opportunities, support, and resources to thrive and achieve their dreams.

Our mission is simple yet powerful: to empower individuals with disabilities, including those with Cerebral Palsy, to live their best lives. We strive to break down barriers and challenge societal perceptions by fostering an inclusive and supportive environment that celebrates the unique abilities and potential of every individual.

At the Enabled Organization, we collaborate with like-minded organizations, both locally and globally, to drive positive change and create a more inclusive society for people with disabilities, including those with Cerebral Palsy. By partnering with experts, advocates, and community leaders, we amplify our impact and expand our reach, ensuring that individuals with Cerebral Palsy have access to the resources and opportunities they need to flourish.

What We Do

What We Do


Our advocacy services are driven by a passion for making the world a better place for everyone, and we firmly believe that every voice deserves to be heard. With a focus on diverse causes, including disability rights, social justice, and environmental sustainability.

Education & Awareness

Education and Awareness services is  a cornerstone of our commitment to disability advocacy. At Enabled Life, we firmly believe that knowledge is the key to fostering empathy, dismantling barriers. and creating a more inclusive world for individuals with disabilities.


We embrace diffrences and Our platform celebrates the uniqueness of every individual, irrespective of their background, abilities, or beliefs. We promote an environment where everyone feels accepted and valued for who they are, fostering a sense of belonging.

Be a Part of The Enabled Life

Be a Part of The Enabled Life

Join the Journey to Empowerment: Become a Catalyst for Change with The Enabled Life


Financial support is crucial for us to sustain our activities. Regular or one-time donations can go a long way in funding campaigns, providing resources, and supporting initiatives aimed at improving the lives of individuals with disabilities. Donations could be monetary or in-kind, such as equipment or materials relevant to our work.


Volunteers play a pivotal role in supporting us. By dedicating your time and skills, you can aid in organizing events, workshops, and campaigns. Your contributions will amplify the organization’s reach and impact, fostering positive change. Whether assisting with tasks, sharing expertise, or participating in hands-on initiatives.


Join us to enhance vital causes and communities. If your organization shares our vision, let’s unite for meaningful change. Contact us to explore how we can collectively create lasting, positive differences. Your dedicated time and skills support events, workshops, campaigns—expanding our reach and impact.

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What People are Saying About Us

The enabled life is a life saving organization for person’s with disabilities.Last year I was struggling to drop out or differ my 400 level final semester in the university. The founder of the organization came across my post on Facebook and reach out to me. She clear my practical/project outstanding fees and place me on monthly allowance for my transportation for good four months. I am graduate today. Thank you for all you do to the disability community The enabled life.

Greg Simon, Beneficiary

I came from a family of four children and I am the only physically challenged among them, it’s was not so easy for me seeing myself looking & walking differently among my siblings while growing up as a child living with disability.TheEnabledLife’s page on Facebook is one, that all physically challenged persons should liked & follow because there are lots of beneficial things to learn there, i must use myself as an example, before I meet this page as I lady with disability I use to battle with low self-esteem and other poor thoughts coming from the mind, but now l have moved all that thoughts into the trash, because the daily quotes alone has lifted my spirits and has made me believe that as a person with disability you can do what abled people are doing or even better than them.

Mudi Maminetu, Beneficiary

During my diploma program life was so difficult for me due to difficulty in mobility as i have to crawl on the ground to move around from my home to school to attend lectures which is very stressful for a physically challenge individual.fortunately this great and generous NGO, The Enabled Life came to my rescue and gifted me a brand new wheelchair which cut down my daily dose of suffering by a significant proportion which i will forever be greatful to The enabled life because this organization Is an Umbrella in rain, Blanket in winter and Ice in summer. The enabled life is a name that belongs to love, shelter and humanity.

Nura Baffa, Beneficiary

All my life, I have watch people with disability discriminated , I have watch them being stigmatize by the society. I have watch them being mocked by those who claim to be able . It really pain my heart. I have always wanted to advocate for them but guess you know what. I have found a hope now for them , a joy . The hope they’re looking for, the peace , the courage is here .
It is time for we to arise .
It is time for us to embrace humanity .
It is time for we to support one another .
It is time for The Enabled Life .
Thank you so much Mama Chi Chi Iro for this amazing work.

Davidson Daniel, Beneficiary
Empowering Voices of Resilience

Inspirational Quotes Illuminating the Path of Disability Advocacy

Empowering Voices of Resilience

Inspirational Quotes Illuminating the Path of Disability Advocacy

News & Community Stories

News & Community Stories

Discover the Latest Updates and Inspiring Narratives in the World of Disability and Other Stories.

Living With Cerebral Palsy

By |August 12, 2023|Categories: Personal Stories and Experiences|Tags: , , , , , , , |

It is true I live with Cerebral Palsy,however I choose to live my life in full. My advocacy, comes from a very personal angle. I did not have a [...]

A Full Life With Cerebral Palsy.

By |August 12, 2023|Categories: Disability Rights and Advocacy|Tags: , , , , , , , |

It is still our month, we have two more days to continue create awareness for Cerebral Palsy. I want to start by apologizing for my absence. I lost someone [...]

Challanged and Uprooted. Never Give Up!!!

By |August 11, 2023|Categories: Disability Rights and Advocacy, Personal Stories and Experiences|Tags: , , , , , , , , , , |

CHALLENGED AND UPROOTED. NEVER GIVE UP!!! March is recognized as Cerebral Palsy awareness month, during which people share their personal journeys with Cerebral Palsy. However I feel different this [...]

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Our Partners

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